Create awareness for Environment, Health & Safety with digital tools

Our EHS management software for manufacturing integrates safety in all processes and tasks on the shop floor. Raise awareness, prevent safety incidents and achieve a higher Environment, Health & Safety standard.


Mobile incident & observation system

Any worker can report incidents and observations with our easy-to-use mobile app. Based upon classification of the reported issue, you can initiate several actions like Notification, Investigation, Assessments or make an emergency services call. All data is recorded for future analysis, but is available in real-time too. This unlocks possibilities for Machine Learning and Analytics, including real-time EHS management dashboards.


Streamline Permit To Work workflows

Make Safe Work Permits and Permit to Work processes
a real breeze with our mobile solution, including time-saving features like digital sign-off and push notifications. You can even automate and suggest steps based upon historic and master data. Enforce a safe way of working through assessments, preventive countermeasures and Last-Minute Risk Assessments (LMRA).

We support all kinds of permits, ranging from Hot Work, Cold Work, Electrical, Confined Space to Ground Disturbance and many more.


Safe. Safer. Safest.

Foster a safety culture on the factory floor by creating awareness for safety incidents at task execution with our EHS management software for manufacturing.

  • All tasks contain a safety panel that shows required PPE, LOTO Level and safety measures.

  • EHS procedures and manuals are stored and managed through Knowledge Management and are directly visible in any task.

  • Make safety assessments part of the operator workflow through activity-based auto assignment.


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Interested in improving your OEE?

Maturity Matrix

Check out what’s your plant safety management maturity is and use our maturity matrix.
Download the pdf for free.


Capture & analyze to improve

A single database makes it easier to understand why and where things go wrong. Easily plan continuous improvement activities or improve current safety procedures with our EHS management software for manufacturing.

  • Get alerted when an observation or incident is made during an assessment or task.
  • With the right data at hand, you can significantly improve EHS performance.
  • Mitigate risks by capturing data from audits like HAZOP or 5S and store them for future use.
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We go beyond just safety

Action Plan Software

Ensure correct prioritization and execution of all action plans. Manage Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) using Task Management—driving a positive attitude towards Environment, Health & Safety.

Incident Management

Capture all safety incidents and their details using specialized forms per incident type with our mobile app. This will help you standardize data collection. Improve follow-up actions using automations and analytics. Use the data to investigate and prevent incident recurrence.

Change Management

Bad Change Management decreases productivity and greatly increases risks to personnel and equipment. The Management of Change (MOC) module allows you to standardize everything related to changes, like communication, procedures, processes, equipment, etc.

Audit & Inspection Management

Create, publish and plan any type of audit or inspection form with our Smart Forms tool. Identify hazards, risks and opportunities via interval form planning. Use the results to create overviews for improvement plans.

Investigations & Root Cause

Analyze safety incidents via a standardized approach with our Analysis Management tool. Quickly find the root cause with tools like 5xWhy and interviews, and schedule an action plan.

Track all, reuse later

Use audit and assessments results like HAZOP to store hazards and risk mitigations. When applicable, the system will auto-propose these as LMRA checks or preventive countermeasures.

EHS Management Software for Manufacturing – Built-in safety on the factory floor

Prevention is better than cure

With years of enhancements to our platform, we can rightfully say we provide one of the best worker experiences when it comes to safety. All because our EHS management software for the shop floor focuses on prevention instead of curing.

Keep improving

Drive continuous improvement of safety procedures and awareness by leveraging all data from our Behavior Base Safety (BBS), safety incident and investigation systems.

Stay on top of action plans

Thanks to all captured data, you’ll gain new insights and start new action plans. Easily prioritize, execute and track your plans using the Task Management feature.

Mitigate risks earlier

Reduce risks from the get-go for workers on the factory floor by incorporating safety, hazards, corresponding countermeasures and risk mitigations in everyone’s daily activities.

Always comply

Comply to all regulations, from OHSA, EPA to RIDDOR. Mobile workflows for Audits, Inspections and Assessments create an auditable data trace—simplifying reporting and enhancing transparency.


Why optimizing Environment, Health & Safety processes matters