Knowledge Management on the factory floor

Understanding the task at hand is key to effective and high-quality execution. Leverage digital, factory-based Knowledge Management to share knowledge on the shop floor.

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The Basics

Successful Knowledge Management in manufacturing starts with…

A digital platform that provides the basis for efficient knowledge sharing. Three processes are key.

1. Develop

Knowledge needs to be continuously maintained, developed and improved.

2. Store

The way you store knowledge matters, as it needs to be easily consumable.

3. Consume

You must be able to quickly find the right information.

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1. Develop

Knowledge Management starts with how you capture knowledge

Capturing tacit knowledge in a digital reusable format is key. Here’s how we do this.


Feedback field

Every knowledge request contains a feedback field. Collect and manage feedback in a structured way using a task-driven system, and continuously improve your content.


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The feedback field is present everywhere—from defects, analytics, knowledge, SOPs to inspections. This enables workers to provide feedback and submit ideas, resulting in new articles and article updates.


Superb user experience

Thanks to a superb user experience, everyone can easily create new content for your knowledge base.

5 Steps to improving Knowledge Management in Your Factory

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Maturity Matrix

Check out what your plant knowledge management maturity is by using our maturity matrix.
Download the pdf or request a report for your business for free.

2. Store

Store knowledge in different ways

There’s not one format that fits all when it comes to storing. We support multiple types to capture information for efficient knowledge management in manufacturing.

Supported knowledge capturing types

  • Text articles

  • Interactive photos

  • Videos

  • Step-by-step procedures incl. images & inputs

Help workers find the exact information they’re looking for using clickable illustrations or photos


The power of connected features

For an optimal user experience, factory-based Knowledge Management is woven into other modules too: Standard Operating Procedures, Smart Forms and Maintenance Plans. This means all features mentioned here are also available there.

3. Consume

Enable operators to easily find the right information


Machine Learning

All knowledge is learned by Machine Learning and presented if applicable. When creating a defect for example, the system auto proposes solutions.

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QR code

Fit your equipment with QR codes, so factory staff can scan them and instantly see all available knowledge, tasks and data for that machine.

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Equipment tree

Make you factory smart by connecting knowledge to equipment, lines and work areas. This interconnection enables the system to auto propose solutions.

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With connected, translatable knowledge stored in a single system, you unlock standardization across all of your plants around the world.

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More important features


Multi-language support

Store knowledge content in multiple languages to support your plants across the globe.


Track & trace

Track who has read, watched or used knowledge content. Use it to ensure important updates are read.


ISO/ISA compliant

Become ISA9001, ISO27001, ISO45001, etc. compliant to keep your knowledge and quality levels high.



Arrange approvals any way you want. Depending on your metadata, we send approvals for new revisions to the right people.


Document control

All document types have version control, so you can monitor all changes.


Content updates

Send out updates to involved workers in case of updates to e.g. an equipment manual.

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